Anthem Anywhere App Reviews

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App doesn’t work!! Sadly a big waste of my time.

Crap App. Does not work. Unable to register, tried several times.

Your App is NOT working! Uggghhh!!!!!! Come on... a corporation like this should have there $h!// together!


Could not register. Had to call the help desk. They got me registered, provided a temp password that promptly didnt work. Three days later, total three hours on the phone with the help desk and I still cannot get past the login screen. Guess they are not making enough money to provide a functional app?

Doesnt work!

This seems to be a waste of space. Sadly I cant get anything to work on it. To bad, I guess I will delete the app☹️

Horrible app

This app doesnt work at all! I called the help number many times and all they offered to do was make an incident report. This is of absolutely no help to customers. Try starting over and remake the app.


Cant log in at all, even after confirming login info on their website. Impossible to get support from this carrier!

Utter waste of time

Every login attempt results in a prompt to call customer service.

Useless App

Worked fine for a couple of weeks. Now just asks to contact the help desk. Awful app. Makes it 1000 times more stressful when trying to sort out such an important part of life......


Dont update if you have a version working, I updated to latest version and have yet log in...thanks a lot!!

login issue

registered via web and tried login here, no error but did not succeeded, dissappointment.

Performance is terrible

Very slow..please work on your services.

Dont Bother

Although Anthem promotes this app, users would be better served if they made sure it worked before doing so. There are login problems, claims info doesnt display, etc.

So not helpful

This has to be the worst app Ive used reliability wise. One day I can log in and the next I get that stupid pop up saying "give our customer support a call" and then after they answer my questions they have the nerve to suggest "you can get this same and like information through our interactive app" ....News flash it aint interactive if it wont let me log in and actually use it!

This app is awful

As always, anthem attempts to make it as hard as ever to actually use your insurance. This app is little more than a skin for the website and wont save your loving details or necessary items that you would need in case of emergency

POS app

This app used to work. Now I cant login and customer service not only is terrible but you cant understand them either. Seems to be outsourced overseas. How lovely.

Utterly useless!!!

Every single time I try to log in with this app I get a pop up screen saying to try again later or call. TOTAL GARBAGE!!!


Couldnt even get it to register me. Spent 30 mins on the phone and delayed my appointment 30 mins trying to get a virtual copy of insurance card. It kept telling me there is something wrong. Called help desk and they couldnt tell me why it was doing it but would report it. Think anthem may need to try again with this app!

Can I give this 0 stars?

This app provides such a small amount of help or information at a huge rate of frustration. And you cant rely on their website to be much more helpful. Dont we give you enough money to create a useful customer portal? On top of being a waste of time and a huge test of my patience, I was recommended to a doctor through the find a doctor feature of the app that ended up not being covered. A 3 hour conversation (if I could call it that) to the customer service department resulted in not so much as an apology (let alone a reclaim) about having to pay money I dont have to a doctor that I was led to believe was in network. Boo, Anthem, boo.

Needs a lot of work

When trying to login, always have issues. This app needs a lot of course. Focus more on fixing bugs..

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